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Seven Wonders Wine Labels

Wine Labels

Seven White wine series labels representing the Seven Wonders of the World and seven different white wines


April 2023

This sample was for a series of seven different French white wines. Each one represents The Seven Wonders of the World. The Challenge was to create a separate label for each wonder while still having them look and feel the same to stay within the series. The solution was to make each illustration have a light blue color to go with the white wine theme. It is also a versatile color that can be used in large amounts and won't overwhelm the viewer. The name of the wine series Esprit d' Aventure is the French translation of wanderlust which would then translate back to English as Spirit of Adventure. I used the scripted font Edwardian Script because I wanted to add in a hint of the Rococo Art period by adding in curvy lines in the text. The secondary text I used is Garamond because the typeface is very legible so with the smaller text it is still easy to read.

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